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Yes. We hope our notebooks will be filled with indispensable ideas and intriguing stories, but if you do need to recycle a page or two, no worries. It can be recycled just like regular paper, through the paper or plastic stream. While it is not plastic, burning stone paper reduces it back to its original form of calcium carbonate (chalk powder) which in turn can be used as a filler in future recycled products. No harmful gasses are released when burning stone paper. Recycling regular paper perpetuates the wood pulp paper cycle because no paper products can be made from 100% recycled material. Don’t be fooled, virgin pulp is always needed. Lincoln Stone paper is recycled with category 2, 100% can be repurposed into a different product. In addition, it’s safely broken down by nature as it is photodegradable and will be completely gone in 9 to 12 months if left in nature, without the exhaustion of any harmful gases.

Lincoln Stone Paper™ is 80-90% crushed stone (calcium carbonate) and 20-10% non-toxic plastic (biodegradable), which is used to bind the stone particles. The end product is canvas material, however, it’s waterproof, smoother, brighter, and more durable

You can use any pen, pencil, or marker. We recommend using a ballpoint pen. Gel pens may smear. Sharp pencils will be harder to write with. We advise you not to use any sharp pens or pencils.

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You can take a paper towel micro towel or napkin and start from the top of the page and wipe it straight down.

Micro cloth, cloth, towel paper towel napkin tissue

Our stone paper will dry instantly